Reglass has been operating for over 40 years in the processing of carbon fiber for structural applications, using advanced composite materials: polymeric resins and carbon fibers are transformed into pre-impregnated sheets (Prepreg) to produce highly performing tubular products.

For the constant attention dedicated to the customer and his needs, the company has always stood out for its ability to study customized solutions and supply customized products.

“The use of exclusive technologies and the control of the entire production process: from the manufacture of composite sheets to the production of the finished product, allow a precise set-up and meticulous verification of all the processing phases. This ensures full compliance with the project and maximum quality.

Luca Pirazzini, General manager – Production division


The Group, owned by the family, deploys its business through four companies.

Two of the companies are in production:

  • Reglass S.r.l., produces carbon products that are 100% Made in Italy for outdoor sport: fishing rods, windsurfing masts and other tubular forms. At the forefront of this company is research activities.
  • Reglass H.T. S.r.l., produces industrial carbon rollers.

Whereas Marketing and distribution of the brands dedicated to the fisheries sector are entrusted to:

  • Paioli Sport S.p.A.;
  • Maver Ltd, located in the United Kingdom.


The management of the Group is exercised by the Pirazzini family, who promotes their interests and defines the lines of action as well as strategic plans.


Luca Pirazzini 

Responsible for production areas, drives research activities and the development of new products.


Massimo Pirazzini

Connoisseur of fishing tackle, Maver brand, leads all marketing initiatives and sales in the fishing industry.


Paolo Pirazzini

In charge of financial management.

Evolution of productions

From 1978 to today

Reglass carbon fiber productions: from the manufacture of fishing rods to rollers for printing and for converting to seismic devices.


The company revolutionizes the world of fishing by using, first, carbon fiber in the manufacture of canes. It identifies the best producers of this exceptional material in Japan and collaborates with them in the development of fibers with characteristics such as to achieve stiffness and lightness performance unthinkable until then. Later it will develop this technology also applying it to the production of bicycle frames, windsurfing masts and ski poles.
Reglass has done a pioneering job, a reference for all the companies that have subsequently developed high quality standards in this field.


The sports sector is joined by the one dedicated to productive activities. The most advanced techniques applied to the construction of sports equipment are thus exported to productions for industrial applications: carbon fiber rollers for the printing, converting and packaging industry. A new sector is born and an ad hoc company , Reglass HT, is created


More recently, the debut in the building sector with the development of Sismocell seismic devices which, by exploiting the combined properties of steel and carbon fiber, are able to mitigate the destructive effects of shocks in prefabricated structures.