To evoke emotions, we transform the powerful energy of wind and water into goals

Sport fishing

A production completely made in Italy  that acts as a leader among international brands Oem and counts as successful trademarks Recast, Lerc and Maver.

Over 35 years of research and studies to realize revolutionary products that consent to numerous successes on the competitive level, and a complete range of articles for fishing: rods, gear and accessorizes.

From Roubesienne to Bolognese, passing by Ledgering and Spinning, Reglass is able to produce any kind of fishing rod. The company is particularly a leader in the production of fishing rods for fishing with live bait in rivers and/or lakes (trademark  Maver).

It is in competitions at an international level the trademark Maver has gained major distinctions, consenting the fishers to gain important victories.

REGLASS Windsurfing Masts

For approximately 20 years Reglass has produced – rigorously in Italy – windsurfing masts of very high structural quality. Reglass is the first company worldwide to construct them by introducing the technology of Wrapping ( carbon wrapping) and, Thanks to the technical features and performances obtained, it has become the provider of almost all companies in the sector.

The successes obtained have pushed the company to create its own trademark, MaverX, and to constantly invest more in order to to guarantee products which can adapt to the sailing evolution, and to satisfy the most exigent users.

Today Reglass offers windsurfing masts of high and very high carbon content, adapted both for competitions as well as for more developed sporting use. Their features are different according to the windsurf sport typology being practiced: Race, Wave or Freeride. A preimpregnant (Prepreg) carbon texture is put in use, internally fabricated, and produced. That permits a  diversification of the models and the realization of personalized solutions.

REGLASS in Other Sports

The research and experimentation do not stop at fishing and windsurfing, as we also turn to other sport sectors to propose manufacturing and accessorizes that, by the impregnation of carbon fiber, are able to guarantee the highest standards of performance.

The production for skiing has recently begun, in the making of ski poles that are much lighter and durable.