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Tele Oragon

These rods are designed for bottom fishing both in salt and fresh water, they can be easily used for casting above your head. The material used gives to the Oragon an ideal action to face big fishes like serra, catfishes or esturgeons.    
Meters 3,90m
Sections 4
Diameter Butt 24mm
Weight Blank 409g
Closed 124cm
Ring 5
C.W 150

Passion Surf Tele

NEW 60,00
Extremely strong tackle, able to cast and fish to every distance. It is specifically developed for fish and target big catches in the sea as in freshwater. The solid tip in carbon material is developed without any guide in order to avoid twists and problems during the casting moment. MT 4.00 PZ 5 Closed 149 MM 25 GR 499 C.W. 150 Ring 4

Rockfishing 4.00m 150gr

Powerful rod to fish from rocks and can be used to damage all predators like siluro and storione both in salt waters and fresh waters. It needs to make an easy casting with suspended weight to reach good distances. Tubular carbon and very strong tip able to face big preys.

Duke Mormora 4,0m 110gr

Beautiful rod for fishing mormore and fishes eat on the bottom, so easy to carry and casting overhead it’s ideal also when fishing is from rocks or harbours. The rod has guides those avoid the line tangled.

Travel Scogliera

NEW 77,0096,00
A short section rods, ideal to be easily transported in the car or in any way. Super strong and reliable it is also easy to cast with above style. The 130 gr are real and the tip (without any sliding guide) is able to feel the minimum bites and movements.

Passion Surf

NEW 79,00
The first 3 section rods that Maver is selling out for the same price of a telescopic entry level one. If you are going near the surfcasting world fr the first time this is simply your rod : super relationship between price and quality. MT 4.20 PZ 3 Closed 146 MM 24 GR 674 C.W. 158 Ring 8

Carat Tele Surf

NEW 79,00
The perfect rod for the angler who wants to try to fish surfcasting, rockfishing or other similar styles from harbors and shore. Ideal for the sea but perfect even for the freshwaters. Double reinforced guides with anti-tangle profile and reinforced screw reel case are granting a super durability. Easy to use for everybody and easy to cast with simple movements. MT 4.00 PZ 4 Closed 135 MM 22 GR 423 C.W. 150 Ring 5

Winner Travel Orata

Very little size and beautiful reliability are the characters of the Winner Travel....and the name is its own destiny!

Diavel 150 gr

The Diavel rod has a real casting of 150 gr plus the bait’s weight, it’s designed to face big preys both from the beach and rocks. The full carbon tip will permit to not losing the weight also in rough sea. This rod will amaze you because of its ballistic features making an easy casting above both starting from the ground and suspended. Also with big slice of muggine when we are looking for serra fishes.

Jurassic Mormora

NEW 87,00
Slim, light, super strong and easy to transport thanks to the short spares. Super rod to target mormora and bottom fishes to a medium distance. The solid slim carbon tip will indicate you the smallest movements and bites. High resistance carbon fiber and super finishing are giving a plus to this rod which has got anyway a superlative price. MT 4.00 PZ 5 Closed 130 MM 19 GR 326 C.W. 120 Ring 5


NEW 87,00
The relation between price and quality is simply never seen before for this beautiful rod developed to target bottom fishes to a medium distance . The reinforced crossed carbon is granting the reliability which we need as in the casting moment as during the fight against big fishes. The Solid carbon tip is without any sliding guide and it is really sensitive. MT 4.00 PZ 4 Closed 133 MM 23 GR 356 C.W. 130 Ring 4