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Win All Round 150m

4,00 1,90
A very cheap line for regular use.

Maver Smart H20 100mt

All around wire, suitable for all fishing techniques, both in sea and fresh water. It can either be spooled on reels that used as final. Despite its very low price, it’s very a very strong wire with good durability.

Smart Zero HL Fluorine 50 mt

Taking advantage of the extraordinary features of fluorocarbon when using it on the reel is difficult but, thanks to fluorocoated zero HF, we can spool the reels obtaining the right mix between the features of a nylon and a fluorocarbon. This line has similar invisibility features to those of fluorocarbon but with a higher ultimate strength. The most innovative feature is the abrasion strength about twenty times higher than that of last generation nylon; today we can even cut plastic with zero HF. The fluorine makes the surface much smoother than that of traditional lines, an important feature when the cast is a fundamental part of our fishing typology, besides, the coating makes the line waterproof and keeps the resistance unaltered also when used for several hours. Finally the surface fluorine layer makes the zero HF UV rays proof.

Smart Elite Surf 300m

10,00 4,90
Ideal for surf casting, it's colour is transparent makes it suitable for fishing at day time in clear water.

Smart TT Best Seller

This line is still today our strong point in European game fishing. The Tephlon treatment covering makes it totally weather and saltiness proof. Perfect for making rigs and spooling on reel.

Maver Smart Evy 150-300-1000m

European monofilament with excellent rapport between price and quality is ideal for all the fishing techniques in the sea and freshwater. It’s realized for the reels. Ideal for the beginners they want a good quality monophilament.

Smart Lenza Madre 2.0

A monophilament, specifically developed for the creation of lines and beams. The colour is light, the elasticity is of a low grade, very good abrasion resistance and also really strong in the structure to permit the normal scroll of the leads.  

Smart Red Devil 150 mt

Very good line for every fishing style where the cast is the basis for a catching. Great smoothness among the rings, low coefficient under stress. Very good for Carp Fishing and Feeder.

Smart Luminex 100m

14,90 5,90
The advantages of the Photoluminescent Glow from this line are: 1) many species are attracted by the glow 2) it can also be used when fishing day over a certain depth 3) particularly suitable for fishing squids.

Special Orata

One of the most beautiful and targeted fish in all the european seas, which deserved a special product from the Smart brand: our technicians have developed a real targeted line, considering all the situations and the various needs that the anglers should have searching for the seabream. As you are fishing surfcasting, beach ledgering, bolontino or slow throlling or again bolognese or bottom style, this line is representing the best solution possible in order to target sea breams and all the bottom fish that you want to catch in the saltwater. Available in 150 or 300 mt spools and in the most popular diameters used by the sea-breams lovers.

Zero G3 Smart 150 Mt

If you look for a line with a “real” amazing resistance both to abrasion and traction, the G3 will fully satisfy your needs. Compared to a traditional nylon it has an antisaltiness resistance which is twenty times higher and it keeps its features unalterated also when used at high or low temperatures. It is also ideal for fishing close to rocks or rubbles that tend to easily eat or cut a common nylon. Another important feature is the low extension which allows a direct contact with the bait and the prey also when fishing at long distances, besides the torsion of the line retrieved under a strong traction is minimized thanks to the controlled mechanic memory. Finally the UV rays proof treatment makes Smart G3 last longer.

Smart Zero Fluorocarbon

100% Fluorocarbon realized for hooklinks and dedicated to the big fishes in lakes and seawater. Very low grade of light-refraction’s invisible for the eyes of the fishes. Very high and real tension test, abrasion and salt resistance. Special treatment for the UV rays. It has more impermeability than a normal nylon monophilament. Also ideal for realize surfcasting arms.