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The most used lead in the world with rough sea. The hold on the bottom with heavy current is exceptional.

Piramide Idrodinamica

The normal pyramid leads have big skills of resistance to streams but also side effects: 1) leads shelve themselves and we can't take them out because of Its flat basis that makes friction. 2) during reel in phase, the flat part slither on the bottom creating a force. 3) If we have mixed bottom we can't fish with standard pyramids because of repeatedly stops caused by Its flat part. 4) during casting the basis of lead makes friction with the ground and goes upwind restricting ourselves in possible distances.

Ogiva Portoguese Netural Lead

The Portuguese school has always taught a lot in the surf casting world: linea longa, mullets, eagle fishes and long tail leads. Our national team member Eugenio Ucci has selected the shape of the Portuguese lead with the best aerodynamic characteristics modifying the stem, obtaining in this way a perfect lead for the long distance!!! The Portuguese ogiva will amaze you for the stability during the flight and for the perfect parabola that you can obtain, also with strong lateral wind. And again, the long shaft will help you during the reel reducing a lot the friction with the sand.


The world champion in ocean we let us discover a revolution into leads category, like the ‘pyramid’ lead Keope that has a great hold on streams but also during reel in phase makes a very low friction. Eugenio Ucci has modified the Brazilian and French pyramid leads creating a perfect mix between hold and hydrodynamics; long stem helps the reel in reducing friction, lateral grooves stabilise casting also with strong frontal wind, flattened shape to increase hold on lateral stream. Thanks these features it’s possible to use thinner lines reducing friction with lateral stream.