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Breme Enemy 1kg

Dark brown groundbait with medium-thin grain and low sticky power thanks its high percentual of Belgian bread inside. it has a sweet molasses aroma that is ideal for big bremes in canals and lakes. In still waters we suggest using damp Terra di Somma.

Carp Strategy 1kg

Yellow groundbait with medium-thick grain characterized by sweet honey aroma and medium-high stickiness. It is good for all those competitions where groundbait can make the difference! Adding Belgian bread to Carp Strategy can be perfect, also perfect to be use in match fishing technique on surface of canals and lakes.

Bentonite 1kg

Grey dried ground with very high sticky power that permits us to modify the dynamics of our grounds and groundbaits. If used in pure way can paste the fouilles.

Super Mais 100g

We have selected the best corn enriching them with different colors and flavors, using also liquid betaine and a lot of natural aminoacides. Superlative for catch many carps, tenches, carass, chubs and catfishes in all the fishing techniques.

Pasta Rapida 300g

High-level catching and sticky ingredients that allow the ready bait to stay stick together to the hook. All the Pasta Rapida are with the same basis but with addition of 6 different aroma basis on what kind of fishing session we have.

Special Canale 1kg

A brown groundbait from a medium size mixture and high percentage of belgic bread! This ingredient is permitting to the same groundbait to work really fast once that is getting on the bottom and is resulting perfect also for the feeder fishing technique! The little orange particles are creating stimulations on all the fishes those will rest on the feeding area for a long time! Ideal for cut and mix with other groundbaits characterized by high sticky power.

Damp Leam 2kg

It is a somma leam very thin and of a yellowish colour and it is ready to use because is packed with a little umidity grade inside. It maintains itself as really soft and easy to sift, also when it is wet again. The same can be used to vehicular our baits or to be mixed with our groundbaits dedicated to the breme fishing. Used into the groundbait it increases the specific gravity of the same and makes faster its mechanics one time the ball pose itself on the bottom, creating in a few time, “a carpet” where the fishes will love to eat searching also our baits.

Damp Leam Black 2kg

It is a somma leam of a black colour and it has got the same characters of the light one. Its dark colour is natural and it is used for making heavier the dark and black groundbaits in order too not create persistent spots that make the fishes suspicious if used into transparent or cold waters.

Torteau Mais Grosso 1kg

Pour the contents in a container, add water up to cover everything. Let It rest for about 1/2 hours and then pour the mixture in the groundbait. The Torteau Corn made like this will be necessary to humidify your groundbait. (30% per kg).

Belge Classic 1kg

This gorundbait has been made for fishing bremens. it’s a dark thin grain mixture with medium thickiness power. The main feature that makes this groundbait flawless is the sweet and salted taste’s factor. use: like all bremen groundbaits it’s always suggested to wet it two or three times, add Terra di Somma and then sift it in order to make the mixture more blend and uniform as possible. Recommended cutting with "Winter Crash" in the ratio 2: 1 with the addition of the "Terra di fiume" in running water or with the "Terra di somma" in slow waters.

Cheese Shrimp & Wet 1kg

The target of this super groundbait are all the fishes that live and eat near rocks, harbors and sea banks. The best shrimp powder extract is mixed together with cheese flours and extract and again with some selected cereals in order to develop and create an ideal groundbait for fish on the bottom or middle depth.

Mare Brown 1kg

One of the best groundbait for fishing in the middle depth water and in the surface: a complex and very performant mesh realized thanks to the fish and shrimp flours. It is really perfect to catch bogas and all the other sea fishes in the middle depth.


A superlative groundbait for the sea. It is a groundbait realized with cheese base and is ideal for fishing on the bottom In search of mullets and all those fishes that live and eat on the same bottom. It was developed for the competitions but also for all the seafishing lovers that want to catch a lot of fishes from rocks or harbors.