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Winner Telespin 2,20m 8-20gr

The rod Winner Tele Spin is easy to carry thanks the small volume and is made by high resistance carbon. Rod for fast fishing, exceptional casting and lightness performances.  
Meters 2,20m
Sections 2
Diameter Butt 11mm
Weight Blank 148g
Closed 61cm
Ring 6
C.W 8-20

Power Spin Shore

A strong spinning rod ideal for fish and catch the biggest predators in each kind of water: the photos sent by our pro staff anglers showed us big pikes, catfishes, asps but also amberjacks, little tunas and big sea predators. What do you need more from this rod that was also enriched with a lot of details? If you are thinking about the price, you will be really surprised.    

Butterfly ‘Micro Spoon’ LRF

Specific rod for the Trout Area and “spinning ultralight”, thanks to the tip made of solid carbon, you’ll have the maximum sensitivity on the lures movements and prey eating. You will be surprised by the lightness, balance, accuracy of the launch and sensitivity, for a tool with a small cost. Don’t be fooled by the slim blank which is still able to fight even large prey.

Area Spoon

Really specific tackle designed for the trout area or the super light spinning experiences, realized in super high modulus carbon fiber it has got a super slim blank in order to create fantastic parabolic action! Super sensitive tip which avoid to lose the contact with the micro spoons even when we reel them in the slowest way. The guides are Dikai single arm, iper specific for the trout area technique and which permit the braid use thanks to the fuji ceramic. The reel case is souft touch and ergonomic that increase the vibration transmission directly on the hand palm . A rod finished in a superlative way in each single detail, representing also the Maver top level in this fishing technique.

Butterfly ‘Super Light’ EGI

We have started with the idea to develope a pure Area-Trout rod, all dedicated to this technique. Once we have given these rods in the hands of our best experts, they have really surprised us from the variety of uses that they made with these ones... also with very nice results: light spinning in search of perches or little chubs, trouts and salmonids in little rivers, rock fishing, light jigging and many others in that these anglers could going through thanks to these tackles. The best characters of the Butterfly Superlight series are the high sensibility and the capacity to cast in the best and most easy way all the micro lures and micro spoons even with the reliability to catch and bring on the bank very nice size fishes, without bringing back breakages or damages.   Meters 1,80m Sections 2 Action F Weight 59gr Closed 0,93m Ring 8 Casting Weight 0.2-2.0gr

Spinner Bass

This rod has been designed to chase for every kind of predator, both in the sea as in fresh water. It’s equipped with very resistant guides with double arms and it can be used for spinning sessions , even the most extreme ones, and be surely able to search and land some record catches. It’s so strong that can cast and handle the heavy hard baits at long distances thanks to high resistance carbon fibers.    

Dragon Air

Off-set super light, balanced but also very very strong ! Two different actions in order to fit every fishing style as from the shore as from the boat: the 2.25 mt is dedicated to predators as sea basses, little tunas, mackarels. Serra fishes etc etc using gummy baits or jerk baits . Super rod even for the popping style using big jerks or sticky baits searching for barracuda and medium size tunas . The 2.5 meter is studied for the Topwater solutions using WTD and Popper or again for the shore jigging targeting big monsters as for example serra fishes, leccia, tunas and barracuda.

Blitz Spin

A superlative spinning travel rod which can be fit in every free space. It has got a stiff holdall (anti breakage) for the easiest and safest transport! The really sensitive tip, in solid carbon material will help you to strike the most suspicious trouts and chubs! Realized in super high modulus carbon fiber with a super slim blank which design a perfect parabolic curve as in the casting moment as during each fantastic fight! FT 6'1" MT 1.80 PZ 4 Closed 51 MM 10 GR 99 C.W. 4-15 Ring 7

Travel Dream

If you are planning some fishing holidays or simply a trip far from the home, this is the ideal travel-spinning rod for your needs: really suitable and comfortable to transport, it is supplied inside a stiff tube of a total length of 60 cm . You can easily put it in each luggage you want , or transport it in all the ways you want and need. We have not forgotten to give it a lot of good and technical details and dowries , in plus it is very very precious and reliable. This tackle can easily cast medium - heavy baits , lures and leads and can for sure fight with big fishes… quite of all the sizes, with the highest possibility to win each battle. Don’t forget and leave home your fishing rod… let’s bring your Travel dream and you will maybe take the best and unexpected moments of your holidays!

Aslan Spin

In this series we’ve wanted to give attention to details, Fuji guides and ‘High Sensitivity’ open reel seat with so our hands can perfectly feel the carbon “experience”. The extremely lightness combined to a great power’s supply, make this series very catching for all the anglers. Thanks to the super high modulus carbon fibers , you’ll be able to make very precise castings in a super technical way.    


The most passioned spinning angler would want to be able to fish in every moment, so his fishing rod must be every time at disposal! In the lunch break or after the working time or even during a long holiday trip in the airplane . Thanks to the very short five sections of the Skeletron rod, well packed in a very nice stiffed holdall (antibreakages) you can put and transport easy this nice rod in the car or in the bags and be able to fish everywhere and anytime you want!!! FT 6'2" MT 1.90 PZ 5 Closed 40 MM 10 GR 100 C.W. 3-10 Ring 7