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Elba Boat 100-200gr

A superlative relation between price and quality for this medium-heavy bolentino rod range: really powerful ones but in the meanwhile so sensitive in order to feel all the minimum bites thanks to the solid tip. Double arm guides wrapped in the best way and renforced screw reel case.    

SetteMari7 Teleboat

The SETTEMARI tele boat range has been conceived to obtain an indestructible tool at the lowest price. With 5 models we cover every kind fishing from bolentino fishing to bottom fishing or with fishing float. The tip has been conceived to facilitate the sight of the bites but at the same time it is really strong when in sailing phase of the fish on the boat. The handle port is covered in Eva material.    

Maui Teleboat 20-80gr

A range of rods specifically made for fishing bolentino from the boat or simply on the bottom, thanks to the solid glass tip that is able to mark all the minimum bites. Very strong structure in order to fight and land all the catches , also without the use of the landing net . Double arm guides with the best wrapping quality and reel case of the highest quality with eva finishings.    

Falcon Tele Boat 150gr

Series of rod very powerful but the tip is very sensitive able to show also the most suspicious bites. We have the most of reliability also when we have to pick fishes up.    

Empire Egi 30-150gr

This rod was designed for fishing with totanare to hunt cuttlefishes, squids and totani having the sensitivity of the tip and blank. The progressive action avoids to lose the prey during reel in phase. The rod can be used also for bolentino light fishing.

Wave Boat 100-200gr

Two powerful rods designed for fishing from the boat using different techniques, starting from the research of totani, squids and cuttlefishes for boletino deep fishing or vertical jigging with kabura and inchiku. This series will surprise you for its high qualities finishings and for its lightness in relation with the incredible strength.    

Samira Squid

Three rods for fishing from the boat in all the techniques. Created to help the anglers who normally get through the bolentino and totanare techniques. Really a good position for all the guides that help the fight with all catches and that do not permit the wrapping of the monophilament on the tip (especially during the cast). Incredible the rapport between price and quality and also the sensitivity of the same tip. The handle part is made in beautiful Eva material.    

Reality TeleBoat

The series Reality Tele Boat was designed for all enthusiast fishermen who wants technologically advanced rod that is long lasting. The tip's action is studied for fishing mackerels or similar sea fishes. The full glass tip has great sensitiveness and will be able to sign also the softer bites. Made by high resistant carbon and composed fibers with 'high sensitivity' reel seat and anticorrosion guides.    

Winner Replica Teleboat 30/100gr

Series Winner boat Replica has been designed especially for those enthusiasts who want to learn to fish from the boat. The Winner boat Replica was born to facilitate the recovery of the praise and the cast of anyone who fishes from the boat for the first time, the tip is able to signal even the smallest bites of the fish. The whole range has been conceived to face the most difficult challenges; working with big leads and sail important preys is not a problem for the Winner!!!.    

MV-R Squid

A complete series of all lengths, It's ideal as for eging style in search of cuttlefishes, flying squids and squids, as for the bolentino fishing style. Progressive blank and very sensitive tip are avoiding every possible unhook of the catches. The finishing in "soft touch" EVA material makes fishing much more pleasant.    

Ultra Boat

Impossible to destroy thanks to the solid fiber used to build the complete butt section of this rod. The handle section is off-set version in order to make the transport easier, while the tip is just one entire spare section .The Ultra Boat is used for many different fishing styles, from bolentino to the light drifting. The relation between price and quality is superlative and the finishings are very well treated and designed.

Dragon Squid

The Dragon can be used for the squid fishing or fishing line. The particular arrangement of the rings increases the sensibility of prey bites and prevents the wire twisting on the tip, in the launch fase. The first piece is made in carbon high module to increase the rigidity, while the tip is made in high resistance carbon, with the final part in full carbon.