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Reel with a great relation price/quality, it's ideal for those passionate anglers who come closer to sport fishing for the first time, and it's perfect for all fishing techniques both in salt as fresh waters. Reel body in anti corrosion graphite material anti twist rolling system!  

Start Reel

An entry level reel range developed in order to cover all the fishing techniques: spinning, bolo, match, trouts, feeder etc etc. The price is really low but the performances super nice and you can have the maximum of reliability in term of mechanical spares and best fluidity during the reel phase; all this is chained to an infinite backstop that is making super easy the fight against big fishes.

Maver HBR 8000

66,00 36,00
Bearing 8 Ratio 4.1:1 Spools 1+1


The vulcan reels are excelent machines with large spools, realized thanks to high end quality bearings and technology. The first character is for sure the fluidity and the line spooling: simply finest for this category reels! The renforced graphite body closed inside a mechanical technology supported with high quality sphere ball bearings plus a rotor based on a big bearing that has got rollers with infinite anti-reverse system. The spooling system is totally based on S-curve system, ideal with the big and very open spools. The ultra sized spool permits the best casts and decreases the memory effect on the monofilament. The electronical balance system of the rotor permits the most fluid and nice use , cancelling the possible vibrations and possible defections.      

Maver Reality Front Drag

The new Reality 3000 and 4000 reels from Maver are, quite simply, an amazing performer for a modest price tag. Ideal for feeder fishing or float work, this ultra smooth reel is sure to be a huge seller. Both reels are lightweight, have powerful gearing and boast a total of 4+1 ball bearings for a silky smooth performance. FEATURES: - INSTANT ANTI-REVERSE BEARING - LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - COMPUTER BALANCED ROTOR - ANTI-TWIST LINE ROLLER - INTELLIGENT OSCILLATING SYSTEM (IOS) - AMBIDEXTROUS - MULTI-DISC DRAG (WATERPROOF) - EXCELLENT LINE LAY - SUPPLIED PRE-LOADED WITH LINE: REALITY 3000    

Maver Nembo 10000

94,00 49,00
Βearing 7 Ratio 4.2:1 Spools 1+1

Mitchell Avocet Salt 6000

60,00 54,00
Bearing   4 Ratio   4.9 CM/Rotation   76cm Weight   343gr Capacity   0,35mm/190m

Nexave C3000HGFE

70,00 58,00
Bearing 3+1
Speed 6.2:1
Line Retriever 88cm
MM/MT 0,25/210
Weight 260gr

Mitchell Avocet Salt 8000

70,00 62,00
Bearing   4 Ratio   4.1 CM/Rotation   79cm Weight   568gr Capacity   0,45mm/230m

SHIMANO Sedona 2500 HG FI

75,00 69,00
Ratio 5,0:1 MM/MT 0,25mm / 160m Weight 245gr Bearing 3+1 Max Drag 4kg Indentation 71cm


75,00 70,00
The Shimano Alivio 10000 FA is part of ΡΡΡ by Shimano. Economic series with application in surfcasting and boat techniques, with Dyna Balance Super Stopper II Power Roller Varispeed Σώμα XT-7      
Bearing 1+1
Speed 4.9:1
Line Retrieve 89cm
MM/MT 30lb/300m
Weight 580gr


85,00 74,00
RATIO 6.2:1 BEARINGS  3+1 WEIGHT 295gr DRAG MAX  11kg MM/MT  0.25-260

TR 200G

100,00 75,00
The Shimano TR 200 it's for light or middle trolling, also for fishing squid. TR 200's body is not wearing down, it's strong clicker warns you immediately for bites, also it's strong breaks will never let you down. Has bearing AR-B      
Bearing 1
Speed 4.3:1
Break 6 kg
MM/MT 17lb/370m
Weight 374gr

Penn Rival Level Wind 15LW

95,00 79,00
The PENN Rival was engineered to be an extremely versatile all-around reel at an affordable price. Features a lightweight graphite frame and sideplates with aluminum frame rings for improved rigidity to prevent frame-flex. HT-100 drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads. Line Capacity Rings eliminate the question of how much line you have left when fighting a fish.  
  • Lightweight graphite frame and sideplates
  • Auto-engaging gears
  • Marine-grade bronze alloy main gear
  • Machine cut brass pinion gear
  • HT-100™ carbon fiber drag washers
  • 2 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Line Capacity Rings