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Maver Smart MRT 2.0 150-300mt

Japanese monophilament with excellent rapport between price and quality is ideal for all the fishing technics in the sea as in freshwater. It’s created for the reels. Ideal for the beginners they want a good quality monophilament.

Bolo Special

As the Maver brand is able to offer the best bolognese rods( thanks to the made in Italy technologies and experience) the Smart brand is now able to present simply the highest quality bolognese line never seen before on the market. As you want to fish in freshwaters or saltwaters, this jewel was tested and stressed from all our biggest experts in order to be able to say "this is simply perfect". Is made and produced in the most experienced Japanese companies and once you will test it, you'll never go fishing without! The long term durability is chained with an extremely high breaking strength but especially it will offer a superlative performances following your floats during all the fishing sessions. Available in 150 or 300 mt spools and in all the sizes and diameters ideal for this fishing style, as in fresh water as in the sea.

Smart SLR Fluorocarbon Soft 75m

The Smart SLR monofilament is the Maver nylon most sold worldwide in order to realize competition hooklinks and we are now really sure that the new slr fluorocarbon will have the same success, and maybe more, on the market and through the anglers. The Japanese technicians and engineers were able to offer us this fluorocarbon that is presenting the same characters of our Slr nylon, adding the performances of the best quality fluorocarbon. Its softness, knot resistance, reliability, invisibility and abrasion resistance represent the first and most important characters that are making this fluorocarbon totally unique in the worldwide market.


The vulcan reels are excelent machines with large spools, realized thanks to high end quality bearings and technology. The first character is for sure the fluidity and the line spooling: simply finest for this category reels! The renforced graphite body closed inside a mechanical technology supported with high quality sphere ball bearings plus a rotor based on a big bearing that has got rollers with infinite anti-reverse system. The spooling system is totally based on S-curve system, ideal with the big and very open spools. The ultra sized spool permits the best casts and decreases the memory effect on the monofilament. The electronical balance system of the rotor permits the most fluid and nice use , cancelling the possible vibrations and possible defections.    

Ninja Surf 4,2m 150gr

Catching graphics and ease for the using, the Ninja can be used both in mormore fishing on long distances and serra fishing using slice of mullet. Full carbon tip will permit you to fish also in rough sea without losing weight.

Radar Surf 4,2m 200gr

This rod has absolute power and facility of loading, these are the main features of Radar surf 200 that has great casting performances and full carbon tip permit no losing the weight also with rough sea.

Darkside Reel 10000

A superlative casting machine built for surfcasting, carpfishing and boat fishing . Double oscillation wired spires spooling system that permits a perfect monofilament line on the spool in order to obtain longer casts and zero memory! Anti-twist and anti-corrosion line roller that avoids the monofilament and braid torsion, permitting to maintain their quality for a long time . Over sized discs in order to fix the line tension during the casting moment, also using heavy leads . Tested from over one year from all our sea anglers and best competitors, the result is a pure comparison with the highest quality and highest price reels, exhalting its reliability. Its force point is for sure the stainless steel bearings , fully covered, that are increasing the fluidity even after many years of casts and use. It is sold with 2 spools: an aluminium dee pone and the other one, shallow, in teflon material. LINE-ROLLER COVERED IN TiN INFINITE ANTI-REVERSE SYSTEM COMPUTER BALANCED ROTOR IOS OSCILLATION SYSTEM CROSSED WIRES SPOOLING SYSTEM WATERPROOF MICRO METRIC DRAG RATIO 4.6:1 WEIGHT 530 GR WITH SPOOL TEFLON BALL BEARING STAINLESS STEEL 6+1 MAIN SHAFT AND PINION GEAR STAINLESS STEEL BODY AND ROTER NYLON SPOOL ALLUMINIUM ALLOY 10.000 LINE CAPACITY 0.40 MM 400 MT SPARE SPOOL TEFLON LINE CAPACITY 0.20 MM 390 MT DRAG FLEECE POWER 18 KG DRIVE GEAR ALLUMINIUM ALLOY HANDLE CNC KNOB RUBBER  

Superlithium Green Power Evo

The Green Power Evo bolo was for us really a super satisfaction , for us as for all the anglers who have chosen them for their fishing sessions! Now we want to evolve and increase the performances of a project that seem to be already perfect: using the same best quality carbon fibers, we have used newest resins and totally the best technology innovation from the Reglass company in term of impregnation! The result is a super reactive rod and stiffer in the first 3 elements with an high strength force in the whole blank. The perfect bolo for fish in the sea from harbors and rocks but also for the fishing sessions in the freshwater catching big fishes where you need a light weight balanced tackle but really strong and reliable in the meanwhile. A medium action rod but the weight of a light one! It is able to manage floats till 10 grams and hooklinks till 0,16mm diameter.The wrapped version, from Maver company, will fit all the Fuji K guides.  
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Καλάμια Ψαρέματος Maver
Produscts from Maver Italy, for all fishing technics.
The best hooks Katana, one of the biggest hook creators in Japan.
Αγγίστρια MAVER Katana
Μαλάγρες, Ενισχυτικά, Boilies
Reactor Baits is a brand that has groundbaits for saltwaters and freshwaters.
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    Roky Universal

    The name is absolutely famous in the rod range history of the Maver brand: we are speaking about a really wide range of telescopic universal rods super reliable! These ones are studied and developed with high modulus carbon material wrapped in the "crossed formula"... the carbon braid is well visible and is meaning the super power and the maximum reliability. In the different lengths and power (we are in front of 11 different models) the Rocky universal range can be used for every fishing technique: from the lake trout with bombarda or float, through the seafishing from the boat or from harbors and rocks and again for fishing in big natural lakes or, why not, chasing from big catfishes, giant carps or esturgeons using the strongest versions. The lift power for every rod is well printed on each single tackle and is totally real and granted from the production company. Available in the wrapped version or in the blank one, in order to be personalized or also used as telepole, maybe using strong elastics for fight with big fishes near the banks. Finally of course a beautiful range of universal telescopic rods, totally 100% reliable, with beautiful finishings and a superb relation through quality and price .  

    Superlithium ‘Silver Fish’ Feeder

    Something really new, from every point of view ! Maximum Japanese carbon fiber grade and module, resined and cooked in autoclave in the most accurate way. Super balanced and slim blanks. The result is an iper balanced range, super pleasant to use in all the competitions and the most technical fishing session. The project can be divided in three big parts and compartments, following the different fishing style and needs: The Carp collection, ideal for who wants to fish in the fisheries using a professional tackle, the Silver fish range dedicated to competitions and technical features and finally the range studied for the long casts when we need to force a lot and so a powerful tackle without renounce to lightness and sensitivity . We have made something beautiful even in the design and in the details: wrapping never seen before, using matt black line and resins that seem to combine themselves with the carbon fibers, top quality guides in order to use braid without problems and black eva and cork combined in the handle part in the most correct way in order to be soft and handly but also really modern and ultra elegant. We are really satisfied about this new and modern project, a range of rods that you ll love as soon as you see and touch them; something that you ll never forget ! An high level collection but for a relation between price and quality quite unreachable in the market.  

    Maver Legend SL Whip

    The real evolution of our Freccia SL that are really famous and super used all around the Europe from many many years. We have developed a better balancing feature, especially in the first three elements, using innovative resins, since now never used in the sort fishing compartment! The best Japanese carbon fibers and the super Reglass company technologies. We have tested these poles for a lot of time in order to produce and get out in the market something really nice and characterized from a superior technical level. Sliced tip as for the best quality telepoles and a really famous name in the Maver world, simply for reach and speak about a tackle that everybody should be tested and purchased for the anglers who desire simply the best, the best produced and developed in Italy from professional team and engineers. Here we have got also the opportunity to wrap in the Bolognese version, changing the tip from sliced to tubular.  

    Tsunami Surf 4.20m/250gr

    The rod Tsunami Surf born from our cooperation with Spanish and Portuguese athletes. It's a different rod from the classic 'three sections' rod that we usually use in the Mediterranean Sea; the blank is very powerful and reactive and the full carbon Hybrid tip is very thin and sensitive. it's an outstanding rod able to throw leads of 150 grams in ground at very good distances, having the sensitiveness of a 'beach light' rod. it fits with guides Fuji Low Rider to maximize cast distances also with superlight equipment. 
    Diameter Butt22mm
    Weight Blank554g
    C.W Side200
    C.W Above250
    C.W Ground150
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